Schema & Structured data Version 1.11 Released

Release Date: March 06th, 2023

  • Enhancement: Remove trailingslash from url and @id schema properties for all the schema types #1852
  • Enhancement: ScholarlyArticle #1854
  • Fixed: Platform Icon is missing in reviews list #1857
  • Fixed: Broke Webiste last version #1858
  • Fixed: Error after last update #1859
  • Enhancement: User want to user profile custom filed in schema #1865
  • Enhancement: An option to change breadcrumb homepage title #1847
  • Fixed: Getting fatal errors with PHP 8.0 #1866
  • Fixed: PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “ID” on bool in /app/web/wp-content/plugins/schema-and-structured-data-for-wp/output/output.php on line 3268 #1867
  • Fixed: Warnings appearing on the frontend #1869
  • Feature: Need to create an Itempage Schema. #1851
  • Fixed: Need to fix the error generated in Query Monitor #1819
  • Fixed: While using the schema plugin, there is an error in the query monitor plugin. #1875
  • Fixed: When a user creates a Google review and clicks on it, the google review link goes to the wrong URL #1876

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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