Schema & Structured data Version 1.12 Released

Release Date: March 27th, 2023

  • Fixed: Restoring schema post type from trash does not retain all data what it was earlier #1860
  • Fixed: PHP Recoverable Error: Uncaught exception ‘ValueError’ with message ‘Path cannot be empty #1868
  • Fixed: When we install the Opn Payments plugin, schema seeting is not saving. #1881
  • Fixed: Getting fatal error due to Server crash #1887
  • Fixed: Fatal error while uploading .csv file in review section #1885
  • Fixed: Change the property “PostalCode” to “postalcode” as an error is occurring due to it #1883
  • Fixed: Issues with rank math compatibilty #1889
  • Added: Add Image Caption option to Newsarticle #1850

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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