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Reviews for Schema

Show Business Reviews in Google SERP! Fetch your business reviews from any platform and making them visible in the Search Engine has never been easier! The Review for Schema helps you to fetch reviews from 75+ platforms with a single click with proper structured data so you can get the stars in your search engine …

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WooCommerce Compatibility for Schema

WooCommerce Compatibility extension is the number one solution to enhance your store with the right structured data.

Cooked Compatibility for Schema

This extension will be able to take all the proper recipe data and integrate it with the schema & structured data in AMP & non-AMP.

Priority Support

We get more than 100 technical queries a day but the Priority support plan will help you skip that and get the help from a dedicated team.

Google News Schema Setup

Get quick approval to Google News with our service. Our structured data experts will set up the Google News schema properly on your website.

Structured Data Setup & Error Clean Up

We will help you setup Schema and Structured data on your website as per your requirements and as per recommendation by our expert developers.