Real Estate Schema

Turn your Real Estate website into Google Structured Data Friendly with 1 Click!

Real Estate Schema extension is the number one solution to enhance your real estate business with the right structured data. Google Structured data for real estate is one of the most important aspects of the search strategy. It gives you a highly visible position in the Google search rankings and the extra juice which you can use against your competitor.


  • Automatically get the Real Estate information as part of the schema
  • Generate schema mark in JSON-LD for real estate posts or pages
  • Active Development with Real Estate Schema
  • Continuous Updates
  • Technical Support

Compatibility With

  1. RealHomes – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme
  2. Homeland – Responsive Real Estate Theme for WordPress
  3. WP Residence Theme
  4. Your Real Estate Plugin / Theme integration for Free!
  5. ClassiPress theme
  6. Added: WP Pro RealEstate-5 plugin
  7. Added: MyHome theme

BIG Bonus

If you can’t find your preferred feature with Real Estate Schema, then we’ll make the integration for you without any extra charge. Yes for FREE.

Just contact us here after the purchase and we will make it for you.

This extension implements the required structured data with just one-click in the JSON-LD format and complies with the markup guidelines.