Schema & Structured data Version 1.10 Released

Release Date: February11th, 2023

  • Enhancement: Improvement required in Product schema #1848
  • Fixed: tempt to read property “ID” on null error #1820
  • Fixed: To remove HTML tags from schema #1832
  • Enhancement: Ultimate Block plugin compatibility issue #1828
  • Feature: Add new functionality to disable the Breadcrumbs schema on a specific post. #1831
  • Feature: Add new functionality to add the custom schema to the WordPress User. #1829
  • Fixed: Deprecated: Hook elementor/widgets/widgets_registered #1836
  • Enhancement: Add new functionality to fetch the author name from the taxonomy. #1839
  • Enhancement: In the WebPage schema, we should add a new property called inLanguage. #1840
  • Enhancement: tempt A new property called “Alternative Headline” should be added to the news article scheme. #1837
  • Fixed: When we use the boolean value for the directApply property in the job posting schema, that value should be automatically added to other job posts. #1845
  • Feature: Errors in video object schema #1841
  • Fixed: Product reviews are not geeting fetch #1838
  • Fixed: Need to fix the warnings in error log #1849

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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