Schema & Structured data Version 1.9.83 Released

Release Date: August 10th, 2021

  • Fixed: when “Add Schema Markup in footer” checked breadcurm does not work properly #1477
  • Fixed: Item list heading are not working if the content generating from shortcode #1494
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with SmartCrawl plugin #1490
  • Fixed: Error in Article schema #1486
  • Fixed: getting image warning after placing the image also (image: 91 (The value provided for image must be a valid URL.)) #1470
  • Fixed: License Key {Fatal Error}- Reviews for Schema #1473
  • Fixed: css issue of star ratings in comment form with Neptune by Osetin Theme. #1476
  • Added: Auto Listings Plugin integration #1493
  • Fixed: conflict with popup maker when schema enabled #1495
  • Fixed: Article category(“Thing” is not a known valid target type for the publisher property) #1474

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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