Schema & Structured data Version 1.9.103 Released

Release Date: October 21th, 2022

  • Added: Add the JobTitle field in author schema. #1685
  • Added: Need to Include parent category if only child category is marked. #1703
  • Added: Need to make functionality by default disable FAQ on all pages. #1681
  • Fixed: Option to modify “Author image URL” schema output manually in blogposting schema #1669
  • Fixed: Need to make the feature for enabling/disabling the image for the review collection. #1621
  • Added: Need to add option to edit ID in schema #1609
  • Fixed: Need to add the Attribute “DirectApply” to the JobPosting-schema #1599
  • Fixed: Add the option to edit editor URL manually in article schema. #1690
  • Added: Video object schema is automatically adding without even have videos in them #1754
  • Fixed: Getting PHP error messages after the update #1756
  • Fixed: Conflict issue with web stories(user specific issue) #1746
  • Added: Need to add additional fields in Article Schema #1752
  • Added: Add the “Heading-Tag” selection option in How To block schema. #1712
  • Fixed: Missing fields in the video object schema. #1758
  • Fixed: facing issue on Google Either \”contentUrl\” or \”embedUrl\” should be specified This is a non-critical issue. #1759
  • Added: PHP Notice: Undefined index #1760
  • Added: Warnings are appearing in the article schema if it is modified. #1762

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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