Schema & Structured data Version 1.28 Released

Release Date: February 29th 2024

  • Enhancement: Implemented new LearningResource schema type #1789
  • Enhancement: Implemented new Vacationrental schema type #2068
  • Enhancement: Remove articleBody property from schema markup when it is empty #2070
  • Fixed: Resolved problem with DOM after filling data in the product schema #2073
  • Fixed: Added field “@id” in itemlist #2074
  • Fixed: Ratingbox Warning that appeared after latest update #2079
  • Enhacement: Author url is missing in QandA schema #2081
  • Fixed: Q&A Schema is not getting enabled and disabled on post page #2082
  • Fixed: Custom Schema markup breakage #2083
  • Fixed: Review collection PHP error on the user end #2084

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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