Schema & Structured data Version 1.27 Released

Release Date: February 17th 2024

  • Feature: Added an option to edit/modify star rating box #1930
  • Fixed: Shopify Reviews fetching issue #1944
  • Feature: Added an option of custom CSS for review collection #2025
  • Feature: “@type”:”Course” is Missing fields “hasCourseInstance” & “offers” (Critical Issue – Rich Results Checker) #2042
  • Enhancement: Resolved course schema generated errors in rich result test #2057
  • Feature: Changed H2 Font Size in FAQ Scheme Code Without Changing SEO Structure #2060
  • Enhancement: Resolved warning appearing in the GSC #2064
  • Feature: Automated the instructions and ingrediencies from gutenberg list block #2066
  • Fixed: Resolved warning appearing on the wp-admin dashboard #2067
  • Fixed: Resolved placement issue while adding multiple placements for schema type with and condition #2069
  • Feature: Added the custom schema support in WPGraphQL #2072
  • Fixed: Users Unable to Edit Publish Date/Time for Schema Type #2075
  • Enhancement: Saved reCaptcha details in options table #2077
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability issues raised by Wordfence

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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