Schema & Structured data Version 1.23 Released

Release Date: November 21st 2023

  • Feature: Added compatibility with “custom-post-types” plugin #2017
  • Fixed: Fixed Fatal Error: Call to undefined function wp_getimagesize() #2027
  • Feature: Created an option of ‘Read More’ in the description of review #2028
  • Enhancement: Do not strip html tags from job posting description #2030
  • Feature: Added compatibility with Webwinkelkeur to fetch reviews #2032
  • Feature: Added an option to hide the Place ID URL #2037
  • Fixed: The issue with Graphql on the pages shows the internal server error #2039
  • Fixed: Test with wordpress v6.4 #2040
  • Fixed: PHP warning in query monitor “Undefined array key 1” #2043

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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