Schema & Structured data Version 1.22 Released

Release Date: November 06th 2023

  • Feature: Added few new fields in creativework schema #2015
  • Enhancement: Added support for newer social networks on the ‘sameAs’ field #2019
  • Fixed: A PHP warning shown in the schema markup #2020
  • Fixed: Classic Editor FAQ issue in schema markup #2022
  • Fixed: Issue with modify option in Recipe schema #2024
  • Feature: Added new feature (FAQ schema should be crawled from individual ACF fields step by step) #2026
  • Fixed: Fatal Error Call to undefined function wp_getimagesize() #2027
  • Fixed: Errors from schema pro extensions #2029
  • Enhancement: Added option to add or remove shop page url from Breadcrumbs #2034
  • Fixed: Conflict issue with FOXIZ CORE plugin which causes fatal error #2035
  • Fixed: Warning in debug log #2036

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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