Schema & Structured data Version 1.16 Released

Release Date: June 30th 2023

  • Added: School Schema #1464
  • Added: Filter that allows users to add reviews based on their location when creating review collection #1810
  • Fixed: When reviews are added for the services schema, “missing reviewed item name” and “item does not support reviews” errors in schema markup #1843
  • Fixed: Schema markup error when twitter video is added to the post or page #1877
  • Fixed: Conflict issue with Etsy review fetch #1938
  • Fixed: Conflict issue with Oneflare review fetch #1943
  • Fixed: Bugs in FAQ manual schema and post specific schema settings #1950
  • Fixed: Resolved schema warning related to review collection #1951
  • Fixed: Wrong path to Clutch image #1953
  • Fixed: Error on changes to image width in new FAQ block #1955
  • Fixed: Default Heading Tag is shown as “H1” but actually is “strong” #1956
  • Fixed: List style type on How To Block has no effect #1959
  • Fixed: Spelling mistakes in function name and text in code #1961
  • Fixed: Remove dead Code from plugin #1962
  • Added: Option to add details and normal itemlist in archive schema #1963
  • Fixed: Itemlist details markup and singular markup for the particular product are not same #1964
  • Fixed: Resolve pagination issue on frontend for review collection #1968
  • Fixed: Author’s names are not appearing correctly in the schema #1969
  • Fixed: Update values of employmentType attribute for Job Posting schema #1971

The plugin can be downloaded from:

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