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Understanding Settings

This tutorial is to show you how to work with our Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP settings so, let’s get started.

1. Global: In the General section you need to Enable the About, Contact us, Website Schema (Global), Schema type, Archive, Breadcrumbs and Site Navigation Menu support in the Schema and Structure data.

Note: You may get confused while selecting the Schema type in the general section because it shows 4 general basic schema type which anyone of this schema type is required for the whole website however we support 14 schema types which you can check here

  • Knowledge Base: To check how to set up Knowledgebase section please visit this documentation in which we’ve explained in detail.
  • Default Data: Here in the Misc section you can give the Default image and video thumbnail in order to display in the Structure data if in case there is no image and thumbnail.

2. AMP: To enable the AMP and Non-AMP support please refer to this documentation.

3. Review: If you want to display the reviews in the Structure data for your post and pages then after setting the review schema type make sure to enable this checkbox of Review module.

4. Compatibility: To check the list of the plugin which is compatible in our plugin and how to enable the support in it please visit this documentation.

5. Email Schema:

6. Advanced: In order to Migrate the third Party plugins to schema and structure data please check this documentation and also you can Import and Export the Schema and structure setting including Reset settings option.

7.Premium Featured:


9. Support:

That’s it for this tutorial!

If you have any feedback or questions for any other schema type which isn’t listed in our plugin then you can request us we will surely implement it as soon as possible.

Just contact us here and we are always available for you.

Updated on May 13, 2019

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